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Office of Undergraduate Admission

Early Action and Regular Decision

office of undergraduate admission

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Untitled Document Boston College offers two application deadlines for prospective freshmen.

Early Action
Early Action is a non-binding program for students who view Boston College as their first choice. The deadline for our Early Action program is November 1 and we will notify applicants regarding their admission decision by December 25. We encourage you to read all of the information below so you can determine which admission deadline is best for you.

 A student applying Early Action to Boston College may apply to other Early Action programs.

› A student applying to a binding Early Decision II program may apply Early Action to Boston College. 

 A student applying to a binding Early Decision program may not apply Early Action to Boston College.

The Early Action review process is more selective than Regular Decision.

 A student is admitted and has until May 1 to submit his/her enrollment confirmation fee.

 A student's application is deferred and the application is reviewed again during our regular decision process. We will send out a final decision to the student by April 1.

 A student's application is denied. This is the final decision on the application and the student may not reapply for Regular Decision admission.

Students frequently ask us if applying to Boston College through our Early Action program is better than applying through our Regular Decision program. We encourage students to think about the following:

 Candidates for Early Action will be evaluated primarily on their high school record through the junior year. ACT results from the September administration and SAT results from the October administration will be considered during our Early Action evaluation program as long as the student designated Boston College as a score recipient prior to taking the exam(s). 

 The admission committee is generally not able to review first term grades from an applicant's senior year if he/she applies under the Early Action program. We are also unable to review the November or December SAT/ACT for Early Action candidates. Therefore, if you would like these credentials to be included in the evaluation of your application, you should apply Regular Decision.

Because it is impossible to gauge the size and quality of the applicant pool at this stage, admission is more selective during the Early Action review process than it is during Regular Decision. Boston College does not use interest in making admission decisions, so applying Early Action is not considered a demonstration of a student's interest.

Boston College is committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of every admitted student, and therefore we offer a limited number of merit scholarships. In fact, the Gabelli Presidential Scholarship is our only academic merit-based scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to the top 20 applicants each year. While there is no separate application for the Gabelli Presidential Scholarship, a student must apply through our Early Action Program to be considered.

Regular Decision
The majority of applicants to Boston College apply through our Regular Decision program. The Regular Decision application deadline is January 1. We will notify you of our admission decision no later than April 1.

Changing Your Application Program

If you wish to change your application status, please email one of our admission assistants with this request. If you are changing your application from Regular Decision to Early Action, we must receive that request by November 1.

Application Type Application Deadline Last Accepted Test Date Notification Date
Early Action
(entrance in September 2018)
November 1 SAT: October*
ACT: October*
by December 24
Regular Decision
(entrance in September 2018)
January 1 SAT: December
ACT: December
by April 1
Spring Freshman
(entrance in January 2018)
November 1 SAT: October*
ACT: October*
by December 24

*Students should designate Boston College as a recipient of these results on or before the day they take the exam to ensure swiftest possible delivery to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.