Education Minors

The Lynch School of Education offers a variety of minors open to Lynch School students, as well as some minors that are open to undergraduate students throughout the university. Please visit the Office of Undergraduate Student Services in Campion 104 & 106 for additional information.

TELL Teaching English Language Learners Certificate

Boston College LSOE offers a certificate in Teaching English Language Learners.  

Who is this for?

Candidates should be working toward a licensure in an education field (early childhood, elementary, secondary, reading and others). This program is designed to prepare mainstream teachers to work with bilingual learners/English Language Learners in their mainstream classroom settings.


The certificate requires undergraduate students take two courses:  ED346 Teaching Bilingual Students and ED 308 Bilingualism in School and Communities.  In addition, candidates need to do a field experience in a classroom that includes bilingual learners.

Middle School Mathematics Teaching

Teaching mathematics in the middle school is great fun and teachers in this area are in great need. Less than twenty-five percent of the middle school mathematics teachers in the United States of America are currently certified to teach mathematics at the middle school level.

Preparation for Certification

While the minor does not lead directly to middle school mathematics certification at Boston College (we do not offer any middle school certification), it does fulfill the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics requirements for middle school teachers of mathematics. With this minor, acquiring middle school mathematics certification in Massachusetts should not be difficult.

A minor in Middle School Mathematics Teaching is available to undergraduates who are either:

  • Elementary Education majors with an A&S Mathematics major or a Mathematics/Computer Science Interdisciplinary major


  • Secondary Education majors with an A&S Mathematics major.
  • Interested students must complete a Middle School Math Minor form and submit it to Campion 104.


Management and Leadership Minor

A minor in Management and Leadership is offered to students in the Lynch School of Education who are interested in pursuing management careers. This minor focuses on the behavioral side of management by offering courses designed to increase students’ knowledge of leadership and management and build skills in these areas. Students must complete six courses offered by the Management and Organization Department. The Management and Leadership minor will help students develop and enhance their ability to lead and manage people and organizations.  More specifically, students will

  • develop an appreciation for the fundamentals and complexity of successful leadership; 
  • identify exemplary leadership in themselves and others; and 
  • demonstrate effective leadership and management skills


The minor is completed by taking two required courses and four MB electives.


Students must have a 3.5 gpa and apply to this minor by October 15.

Offered by CSOM for Applied Psychology and Human Development Majors

Special Education

The Special Education Concentration is available to Lynch School of Education students only. This includes students majoring in Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Applied Psychology & Human Development who have an interest in special needs education.  


The minor consists of four courses that include:

  • One Teacher Education core required course (EDUC1044);
  • Two Special Education courses (EDUC2208 and EDUC6373 or EDUC6374);
  • Selection of the fourth course should be made in consultation with the student’s advisor, with consideration for the student’s major and interests.

Interested students must stop by Campion 104 to declare this concentration.

The Department of Teacher Education, Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction has designed a Special Education Concentration available for students in Elementary Education and Secondary Education as well as students in the Applied Psychology & Human Development major. The concentration is designed to enhance the ability of future professionals to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population of children in America’s schools.  The required courses provide an excellent background in responding to the wide range of learning and behavior problems that may be encountered in a general education classroom. The elective(s) will be selected from a wide choice of courses offered in the graduate program in Moderate and Intense Special Needs.

The advantages to the concentration include:

  • Broader array of teaching approaches to enhance learning for all students.
  • Exploration of specific classroom management techniques that promote a positive climate for learning, encourage student collaboration and acceptance of individual differences.
  • Opportunity to explore career options related to individuals with special needs (e.g. speech/language pathology, school counseling, specialized areas such as teacher of the deaf or visually impaired, etc.)
  • Increased flexibility of employment.

Lynch School Faculty in Special Education

  • Dr. Bottema-Beutel, Campion 213, Moderate to Intensive Special Needs
  • Dr. Susan Bruce, Campion 120, Severe and Multiple Disabilities
  • Dr. Richard Jackson, Campion 209, General Special Education & UDL
  • Dr. David Scanlon, Campion 218, Moderate Special Needs


Leadership in Higher Education & Community Settings

The new interdisciplinary minor, Leadership in Higher Education and Community Settings is being offered by the Lynch School of Education to students in the Lynch School of Education, as well as Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, Connell School of Nursing, and Carroll School of Management. This new minor serves students who are interested in college student development and in the applications of psychology to work settings in institutions of higher education, in local and international non-government organizations and/or in community-based programs.

The minor consists of six courses (18 credits), which are taken in the Lynch School of Education and the Carroll School of Management. The Leadership in Higher Education and Community Settings minor includes 2 required courses (6 credits) and 4 courses (12 credits) that must be selected from the list of approved courses.

Download approved courses and minor application (PDF).

This is a new interdisciplinary minor offered to all Boston College Students

Educational Theatre

The Department of Theatre is offering an Educational Theatre Minor designed for Lynch School of Education students in Teacher Education and Applied Psychology and Human Development. This new minor provides drama education and theatre training to LSOE students who hope to include theatre as a subject they teach and practice in school settings and/or who want to use creative dramatics and applied theatre techniques as teaching tools in other institutional settings.  As research consistently supports the impact of creative dramatics on students’ self-esteem, literacy achievement, overall stamina, and psychological health (Brinda, 2008; Dupont, 1998; Moran, 2006), the study and practice of theatre arts, richly enhances pedagogy for teachers and human service providers. Furthermore, Theatre techniques have also emerged as a successful intervention for students with moderate and severe special needs (Hipsky, 2007), thus complementing a special needs concentration. This minor is comprised of 6 courses and 2 labs for a total of 20 credits.


  • Creative Dramatics
  • Dramatic Structure and Theatrical Processes (fulfills CORE Requirement)

Choose 1 of the following:

  • Theatre for Youth
  • Directing I 
  • Composition and Performance Workshop

Choose 1 of the following:

  • Acting I 
  • Elements of Theatre Production I 

Choose 1 one of the following:

  • One Upper-Level (3300-level or above) course in Performance or Production
  • Elements of Theatre Production II (if you have taken Elements I)

Choose 1 of the following:

  • One Upper-Level (3300-level or above) in Literature/Criticism/History
  • History of Theatre I
  • History of Theatre II

Choose 2, 1-credit labs.

  • One must be a Preparation Lab
  • One must be a Run Crew Lab


  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Run Crew
  • Prep Crew
  • Advanced Production Positions
  • Stage Manager
  • Costume, Lighting, Sound, and Set Designers

Additional Minors

(Class of 2018 & beyond)

Open to all MCAS majors, Management, and Nursing undergraduates

Although this Minor does NOT lead to certification, it provides courses that establish foundational knowledge of child development, learning, special education, and bilingualism. This minor is an excellent choice for someone who is thinking about enrolling in the 5th year program in Elementary or Secondary Education or Applied Psychology and Human Development. Also a good choice for students considering the Peace Corps or other volunteer service opportunities or work in informal settings, such as community-based after-school programs.

All students except Lynch School students are eligible to declare this minor.

Students must declare this minor by their junior year.

The minor consists of five (5) required courses plus an elective (3 credits). These courses are listed below and descriptions can also be found in the Boston College Undergraduate catalog. Students must complete all 6 courses (18 credits) in the Lynch School of Education to fulfill this minor.

Required Courses:

  • APSY1030 Child Growth and Development (f)
  • APSY1031 Family, School and Society (s)
  • APSY2032 Psychology of Learning
  • EDUC1044 Working with Special Needs Students
  • Bilingualism in Schools & Communities


  • One approved APSY elective (Students may seek approval in Campion 104.)