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Founding Documents

core curriculum

For the past several decades, the Boston College Core Curriculum has been structured according to the plan set forth in the Final Report of the Task Force on the Core Curriculum (1991). This document set forth the fifteen-course distribution requirement, articulated the goals and characteristics of the Core in the context of Jesuit education, and called for on-going development.

It is appropriate that in the second decade of the twenty-first century Boston College revisit and revise its basic undergraduate programs.

In a first phase of Core Renewal in 2012–2013, faculty and administrators created an innovative plan of action (Toward a Renewed Core, 2013).

In a second phase in 2014, an overall vision of the Core’s relationship to Boston College’s Jesuit, Catholic traditions and mission was expressed by a Core Foundations Task Force (The Vision Animating the Boston College Core Curriculum, August 2014).

We have now reached a third phase of Core Renewal.

In 2015 the University Core Renewal Committee was created, chaired by the new Associate Dean of the Core, to “oversee and develop the renewed Core Curriculum to be approved by the Provost.”

Between 2015–2018, animated by the spirit of Jesuit educational principles in the 2014 Vision statement and guided by the blueprint of imaginative interdisciplinary courses in Toward a Renewed Core, a series of pilot classes on Complex Problems and Enduring Questions are being launched. These pilot courses will engage twenty-first century students anew in the liberal arts, and they contribute to the distinctively Jesuit qualities of foundational and formative education. As the new Vision states, “The Core Curriculum thus furthers the development of the intellectual, reflective, ethical, and creative habits of mind that will enable students to become lifelong learners, to seek meaning in their lives, and to work toward constructing a more just and human world.”

We invite you to review the foundational documents of the Boston College Core Curriculum and the Core Renewal process. Please send your comments and questions to: