The Connell School has a longstanding tradition of research and our faculty are dedicated to scholarly inquiry in a variety of areas, from the science of sleep to interventions with vulnerable populations. 

Research at CSON examines the complex problems of health and health care, proposing new ideas and solutions to advance nursing science and improve lives. Our faculty scholars have been awarded research grants from prominent foundations and federal and state agencies—most notably the National Institutes of Health. 

CSON's scientific mission: To develop and disseminate knowledge for the advancement of professional nursing practice and the improvement of health and health care for a diverse global society.

Faculty Research

Learn from those committed to the highest standards of teaching, research, and the pursuit of a just society.

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CSON Faculty Research Interest Groups

Eating Behavior Research Group

Faculty members lead students in examining the psychosocial and biological underpinnings and responses to disordered eating, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, and related dieting behaviors. 

Healing, Spirituality, and Mind-Body Practices

In this group, students explore areas of inquiry increasingly important to promoting healthy lifestyles, improving one’s sense of well-being, preventing diseases, and coping with chronic illness. Topics include:

Experiences of healing

Nonpharmacological mind-body self-care practices

Spirituality as a resource for human health and well-being

Health Services Research Methods

Members of this group have a wide range of interests, but they’re united by their desire to improve health outcomes using secondary data sets, surveys, and other effective methods. Doctoral students, postdocs, undergraduate research fellows, and faculty network, discuss work in progress, and develop new project ideas.

Nursing Knowledge Development and Social Justice

The Boston College commitment to service for others inspires CSON students and faculty to address inequities at every point of patient care. Faculty members leading this research group focus on all aspects of health care ethics and nursing philosophy, including obligations toward individuals and societies, problem analysis, coping, adaptation nursing, and decision-making.

Research in Aging

Designed for students and faculty exploring the experience of aging and promoting lifelong patterns of health among older adults, their families, and communities, this interest group focuses on:

Aging-sensitive organizational models

Chronic disease management


Complex care issues

Family caregiving

Interventions to improve care delivery

Palliative care

Public health policy

Sexual and Reproductive Health

This group of faculty and graduate students conducts research and publishes scholarship that addresses issues related to sexual health, sexual risk behaviors, risks for STIs (including HIV), gender power and dynamics, intimate partner violence, and pregnancy and birth outcomes.